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04/14/21, The bars are DELICIOUS! My daughter has already chosen the chocolate cookie bar to eat after dinner. -K. Harrell

05/08/21, Way,way over the top cookies! -C. Boland

05/08/21, Had difficulty deciding which items to buy from them at the local market; everything looked and sounded so delicious! Ended up with the chocolate chip cookie and oreo brownie. OMG they were both awesome! And the two ladies selling them were just as sweet. We'll definitely look for them at markets in the future. -Y. Boland

6/19/21, Today my sister, cousin and I got to taste the brownie/Oreo Ice cream sandwich and OH MY WORD, y’all. So so delicious!! I cannot stop thinking about how wonderful this treat was on such a hot day. Thank you all for your wonderful service and the tasty treat! 😍 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. -J. Stewart

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